Heather Gage West

What has Ms. West been up to??

Hi everybody!  Firstly, I miss you all very much!!!  I hope you all are doing okay!!  Please feel free to private email me any time you don’t feel safe or would like to talk to me one one one - I’m here for you all, so please reach out!  heathergagewest@bpsma.org 

Looks like we’ll be out of school for a bit, so in the meantime, I’d love to start an ART SHARE blog just for us.  I will be posting a daily Art and Design challenge!!!  Each day it will be a different theme, or prompt, or challenge that will help you develop your art knowledge and skills as well as allows you an outlet for some personal connection and let’s all face it, therapy!!  We Love Arting,  it makes us feel good - and sometimes even when we don’t feel good, art is a great way to let it out and allow for healing to take place in your life.

I will create a page for the ART SHARE winners every day and post our work so we can see what everyone else is doing - sometimes thats where we get inspiration!!! 

No matter what materials you have at home, you can create some kind of art!  

I’ll start by sharing what I’ve been working on since we’ve been stuck at home!   These three are my latest finished pieces of multi media art - I have been working on animating my paintings.  Take a look and let me know what you think!  I will talk a bit more about my process and how I got to this point in  another blog.  But for now… enjoy my art… I LOVE and MISS you all…. dearly…. you really make my every day special, even when we all aren’t in a good mood… I love spending every school day with you and am looking to get back to the classroom!

Ms. West

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