Heather Gage West


I am a practicing and exhibiting studio artist and progressive educator with over 25 years’ experience in teaching art at public school as well as college levels. Much of my work has been with vulnerable and at risk youth as well as adults.  My expertise is using art in a therapeutic and healing way, teaching students how to recognize and explore their inner selves through the creative process.  It is in the process of creation,  acknowledgment, and letting go, that the heart,mind,body and soul can begin to heal.
I am an MFA in Fine Arts and certified in visual arts K-12 in the state of Massachusetts and a Reiki Master.  Working in both public and private educational programs, I have both developed and implemented therapeutically based fine arts programs and  have seen art heal and transform severely traumatized individuals struggling with  anxiety, depression, and other types of disregulation.

As a business owner of Heal Blue Studio, I am passionate about creating a  nurturing, self acknowledging environment where people can come to heal themselves naturally through the process of creation.

With my own artwork, I layer color, texure,shape, image, as I layer my impressions of my day to day life, creating conversations, messages, stories of my reality.

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